Agenda of Sabien

Sabien’s work also consists of our members travelling and attending meetings and workshops where our work is evaluated, planned and diffused.
16th June 2017 Universidad Politécnica de Valencia – CPI The ITACA-WIICT’17 is a meeting forum for scientist, technicians and other professionals who are dedicated to Information and communication technologies study and research. Its fundamental scope is to promote the contact among scientific and professionals, improving the cooperation as well as the technological transfer among professionals.
The ITACA-SABIEN group in this forum, will participate with some presentation or paper.
8th November 2016 Fundación para la Investigatión del Hospital Clínico de la Comunidad Valenciana- INCLIVA Valencia The “I Congress on Coordination and Management of EU-funded Health Research Projects” is included in the activities of the European Health Projects Office- Valencia Region ( Its mission is to promote international initiatives in health research institutes and clinical foundations, in order to create an environment that supports the internationalization of our research, influencing the translation of technology and knowledge to the society.
The main objective of this workshop consists of sharing good practises and previous experiences about how to promote, to manage and to coordinate successfully a European project. It is expected to gather an interesting group of different stakeholders that are enrolled in international projects, such us: researchers, R+D managers and companies among others. Pilar Sala attends the Congress as speaker.
17th to 20th October 2016 Brazil The Brazilian Society of Biomedical Engineering – SBEB promotes the CBEB (Brazilian Congress of Biomedical Engineering ), which is held once every two years. The congress is organized by researchers from a local Institution with the cooperation of all scientific community of the Biomedical Engineering field in the country. CBEB 2016 is the XXV edition of this Congress.
The conference has the tradition of congregating academic communities, researchers, scientists of several areas, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as representatives of industry, trade and governments, so that altogether can discuss and present their ideas on the main problems of the Biomedical Engineering field in the country.
13th October 2016 Brussels A brainstorming Workshop to debate on the standardization recommendations in AHA identified in this first draft of the roadmap proposal is held on 2016-10-13 at CEN-CENELEC Management Centre, Brussels. Selected experts from the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA), as well as from the European and International Standardization Organizations, are invited. The workshop is dedicated to the understanding of the main AHA standardization priorities in the frame of the European standardization system and their relation with research and innovation (R&I) priorities. The suggested Roadmap for standardization in AHA is presented and submitted to discussion and debate.
The inputs received at this Workshop validate the suggested roadmap. The contributions from those attending the Workshop are used to re-shape the first version of the roadmap proposal. Besides, the document will be submitted to online commenting after the meeting, in order assure the participation of the experts in the final document. Álvaro Fides are involved in this workshop in the role of expert.
from 26th to 28th September 2016 St. Gallen- Switzerland The AAL Forum 2016 is aimed primarily at decision-makers, experts and interested people from politics, research and development, health, business and industry. The event is also open to the general public.
The AAL Forum hosts over 700 international congress participants who seek information from 40 exhibitors, 30 workshops and various keynote speakers about new AAL products and services. The event offers an excellent opportunity to network and gives participants a great platform to exchange experiences and ideas. Interested investors can use the opportunity to find products and services with market potential.
Gema Ibáñez and Álvaro Fides are involved in this event.
from 13th to 16th September 2016 Brussels Pilar Sala and Álvaro Fides are involve in the rehearsal and final review of the ReAAL project (make it ReAAL). This is a European CIP project within the VII Marco Programme. The ReAAL project deploys a critical mass of AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) applications and services for approximately 7000 users in 7 European countries, based on the universAAL platform previously developed with the support of the European Commission, creating a market for interoperable services, applications and AAL devices.
SABIEN group is the leader of the Work Package dedicated to the provision of the platform and the coordinator of the Spanish pilot group providing orientation and support to those local interest groups to which the applications are offered.
13th July Universidad Politécnica de Valencia In the Informative Conference for ‘Future Technologies and Emerging Research Networks. Horizonte 2020’ at the Polytechnic City of Innovation at Valencia Polytechnic University, the opportunities offered by the FET applications will be presented, and the key to delivering successful proposals for your application will be identified. The conference targets researchers, project managers, companies and other entities interested in participating in European R+D+i projects. Our project management department will be present.
from 6th to 10th July
from 27th to 31th July
in Dublin
in Barcelona
The FIT Health Summer School on Innovation and Business Creation takes place. This is a two-week summer school co-organised by the prestigious IESE business school, in which intensive courses on innovation management, business projects, coaching, team building and access to investors will be given. Antonio Martínez Millana, a member of the ITACA SABIEN team, has been one of the 40 selected to attend this summer school.
from 25th to 29th August Milan The 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society in Milan is celebrated. The theme of the Conference underlines the principal role of Biomedical Engineering in the improvement and innovation of healthcare (with direct impact on quality of life) and will also focus on how to achieve and maintain ‘well-being’ through advanced technologies, devices and protocols. ITACA SABIEN participates in this congress with papers by Vicente Traver and Antonio Martínez.
from 21th and 22th of September Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Valencia Polytechnic University will be host to the II International Forum for Social Innovation, a unique event in Spain where participants share their ideas and projects with the aim of improving the world’s current social challenges . ITACA SABIEN is collaborating on organisation of the event, along with Jove Solides.

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