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Vicente Traver Salcedo


A Doctor in Telecommunications Engineering at Valencia Polytechnic University, his Research, Development and Innovation operations and technological transference pursuits focus on telemedicine and e-health, and directing the SABIEN group (Technological Innovation for Health and Well-being) of ITACA. A professor of Valencia Polytechnic University, he has lectured on ICTs and health subjects since 2001. He is a member of the Academic Commission of the InterUniversity Masters of Biomedical Engineering, which he also lectures for. He has participated in more than thirty European and national RD+I projects and fifteen research agreements with companies in the telemedicine and e-health sector. He has had twenty articles published in international magazines, ten articles published nationally, and has given more than one hundred and twenty presentations at national and international congresses. An expert in FENIN for the Study of Future Technology for e-Health, he is also founder of various companies in the Health and Well-being sector. He acts as coordinator of the research micro-cluster ‘Innovative Technologies for Health and Active and Healthy Aging’. Editor of the book ‘The e-patient and social media’ endorsed by the Vodafone Foundation, he has also edited various monographics on health and social media for The Medical Journal. Dr Traver Salcedo organised the IEEE Congress for Biomedical Health Informatics in 2014 along with many other congresses and international workshops

Health and Wellbeing

Scientific Coordinator at SABIEN-ITACA. He is an IT Engineer and a Doctor in Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition at Valencia Polytechnic University. He has worked on more than twenty European, national and regional projects. He has had more than seventy scientific articles published, and has sat on more than fifty programme committees in congresses and conferences, in which on more than five occasions he has been the president of the scientific committee. His research is fundamentally focused on the management, representation, automation and automatic learning of processes, using process mining techniques for their application to the areas of health and well-being. He also has wide experience in consultancy and as an I.T. analyst.

Process Mining
Process automation
Pattern Recognition

Qualified as a Telecommunications Engineer at Valencia Polytechnic University, she has more than 6 years experience in research and development in national and European e-health and e-inclusion projects for the SABIEN group. Her work is focused on ICT project management, mobile solutions applied to e-Inclusion, and tele-rehabilitation platforms. A motivated and responsible person, she is continually striving towards innovative solutions to create value and improve quality of life.

Mobile Solutions
Android Developer

Graduated in I.T Engineering at Valencia Polytechnic University in 2004, Gema has more than 11 years of research experience in the development of national and European ICT projects for sectors specialising in healthcare and the elderly, and in the area of Health and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), within the SABIEN group. Her research work is focused principally on the management of projects concerning AAL platforms and mobile solutions. She has participated in many projects financed by the EU within the VI and VII Marco Programme such as ReAAL, universAAL, and ASK-IT, and other projects at national level such as TEDACE and AmIVital. A dedicated and motivated person, she is constantly searching for new technologies and inventions designed to provide innovative ICT solutions to continually create value and improve quality of life.

Ambient Assisted Living

Qualified as an I.T. Engineer at Valencia Polytechnic University in 2002. Since December 2000 he has been carrying out work on research, development and management of national and European projects concerning healthcare within the SABIEN group. As a researcher he has performed work on integration and standardisation of communication protocols with medical sensors. He is a certified HL7v3, HL7 CDA R2 and HL7v2.5/2.6. He defines and develops software platforms and architecture for supplying health services, geared towards use by health professionals as well as to telemedicine and patient self-care. He develops and improves tools for implementation of process mining, and the integration of processes using process choreography tools. He has participated in many European projects such as VERITAS, HeartCycle, Persona, MyHeart, PIPS, SENSATION, HEALTHY MARKET, CARE-PATHS, HEALTH-MATE, and CONFIDENT, as well as on various national projects such as BloqueQuirúrgico, TEDACE, FASyS, CMA, and PISTA CABLE.

Systems Administrator

Having qualified in Telecommunications Engineering at Valencia Polytechnic University in 2009 and gained a Masters in Biomedical Engineering in 2013, he is currently studying for a PhD. He has more than 5 years of experience in research and development of European e-health projects as part of the SABIEN group. His research has focused mainly on the implementation and standardisation of communication protocol between medical sensors and portable desktop applications, concentrating mainly on the management of diabetes, and the design of Personal Health Systems (PHS) within unchecked environments. He is qualified in HL7v2.6 and is an active participant in the development of Continua Health Alliance. He has participated in various projects financed by the EU with the VII Marco Programme such as PREVE, HeartCycle and METABO, and other national projects such as FASyS. Recently, he has enjoyed a stay at the Cambridge Innovation Center at M.I.T. His research pursuits and various collaborations have led him to participate in many congresses and magazine publications.

Software Architectures
Decision Support Systems

Telecommunication Engineer (2007) in the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). In April 2008 he joined the department of Health and Wellbeing Technologies (SABIEN) of the ITACA Institute of the UPV, first as scholar and later as employee, where he had the role of software developer in the project PERSONA until 2010, and transitioned with the same role into the project universAAL from 2010 until 2014. This continued into the large-scale-pilot project ReAAL from 2013 to 2016, where he led the software adaptation work package. He also collaborates in several other research and development tasks related to the field of Ambient Intelligence and Ambient-Assisted Living and Internet of Things, such as, currently, INTER-IoT, MyCyFAPP and Council of Coaches.

Android Developer
Ambient-Assisted Living
Internet of things

General Practitioner at Valencia Polytechnic University. Combines his clinical practice in Primary Care with his research work with the ITACA-SABIEN group and its spin-off Technological Solutions for Health and Well-being (TSB). His pursuits are focused on the use of ICT for Health and Safety. He develops projects and gives courses and conferences in the fields of e-health, social media, participative medicine, active aging, preventative medicine, communication and health, etc, etc. He is currently coordinating platforms such as Salupedia (, focusing on the collaborative work on information directed to the patient, and the ‘Permanent Observatory of ICTs in Health’ (ObservaTICs – which analyses the use of social media for hospitals and medical organisations. He is co-editor of the blog ‘Collaborative Health’ ( where he shares his personal vision on the relation between health and technology.

Health 2.0
Health literacy
Social networks

Technical Engineer in I.T. Management at Valencia Polytechnic University. Currently responsible for research on Health and the Internet. His work spans 10 years of activity as a researcher in the TSB-ITACA group and is currently focused on projects on health related to the internet, ranging from the development of portals with information and health content, to studies on the use and integration of social media within the medical environment (Health 2.0). He has developped a great variety of projects, the highlights of which are, and

Web development
Health 2.0
Social networks

Telecommunications Engineer by Universitat Politècnica de València in 2012 and Master in Biomedical Engineering in 2016. She has more than 7 years of experience in research both in private companies and in the university field. Her field of research has varied from medical image analysis to obtain imaging biomarkers, through biosignal analysis, analysis of the processes of different diseases by means of process mining, to her current focus of research, focused on empowering the older people in loneliness. She has also participated in the application for numerous projects at the local, community, national, but especially European level, all focused on the biomedical, health and well-being of people fields, and has experience in their technical management. She is currently pursuing doctoral studies, focusing her research on the application of process mining techniques in the field of health and well-being.

Industrial Engineer at Valencia Polytechnic University. She has participated in the area of e-health and in the coordination and management of diverse projects, both at national and European level. Also within the area of e-health, she has worked on assessment of functional specifications for web applications and Apps for user needs. She is currently focused on management of RDI, and responsible for the department of Organisation and Quality Control.

R&D Management
Organization and quality

Computer Engineer, PhD in Computer Engineering applied to Medicine. He has experience in the business environment, specifically in the creation of startups, management and leadership of software development teams (especially apps), and IoT through the creation of smart electric vehicle charging solutions. In his current role, he manages the resources for the research projects in Sabien, while participating in them. He also assesses internally about Data Protection compliance.

Software project management
Mobile Solutions
Data Protection

Research Institute for Innovation Management and Knowledge WIT (joint Institute of the Higher Council for Scientific Research CSIC and UPV) from November 1999 until February 2007 and Deputy Director of that institute from October 2000 to November 11 2003. Consultant and responsible for training with real plant improvement projects in Almusaffes Ford factory since 1990. the activities are based on Kaizen, Continuous improvement, Ford Production System and LeanSixSigma and end with the proposed development and monitor the actual implementation of improvement projects. Consultant for various companies like SA Automation and Control or ORTOPRONO to improve process management, it has focused its activity in recent months in LEAN Health, working with the group Sabien combining techniques Interactive Pattern Recognition (IPR) and LEAN Health.

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