MySphera is an international company whose objective is to be leader in Tracking Systems in Real Time (RTLS) within the hospital environment. The company has bases in Europe and Latin America, and has a sister company in Santiago in Chile. We also have agencies in the United States and the United Arab Emirates, through our certified partners. The advantage that MySphera offers is its expertise in the hospital sector, as well as the backing offered to clients to exploit all possible potential of the system to optimise processes, improve inventory management and more importantly, improve patient security. MySphera allows access to tracking in real time, for patients, professionals and assets.

  • Those people and assets that need to be tracked wear an identification tag. The tags come in different forms: bracelets, cards, or stickers.
  • Each tag sends an identification frame through R.F.
  • Through the beacons or markers network the frames of the tag are received and forwarded to the server.
  • The identification frames can also be received on smartphones and tablets, in order to identify the whereabouts of the person or asset.

MySphera is a tool for improving process efficiency and inventory management, as well as increasing patient security.

Institute for Medical Research at Valencia University Hospital La Fé

The cooperation and transfer activities with various departments in La Fe University Hospital date back to the year 2000, although it has been the Home Hospitalisation Unit which has participated with the TSB most productively in numerous R&D initiatives, both national (GIPA) and European (Ideas in e-Health and CAREPATHS) as well as technological transference (integral management systems for Home Hospitalisation Units). These activities made the signing of the Marco Cooperation Agreement between ITACA and the Hospital La Fe Foundation in 2004 possible, creating a joint strategic alliance with the objective of:

  • Detecting and solving, through the use of ICT, healthcare problems in the area of home care.
  • Boosting integration of management of the care processes for patients with chronic conditions, involving the medical personnel for Primary and Specialised Care and Hospital Care.
  • Designing, defining and implanting clinical pathways, facilitating the design and execution of care plans, applied to those patients with a particular pathology and who present a predictable clinical course, applying Evidence-based Medicine and a philosophy of personalised health and medicine based on the patient, prioritising the product/service and its transferability to the market.


Bio-Sequence offers genomic studies which allow us to personalise and augment treatment options for patients with cancer.
BioSequence selects the most appropriate genomic studies for each type of tumor, targeting maximum clinical use for the patient. To that end, the company uses the latest analytical and interpretative technology and enlists the best specialists and professionals.
The company collaborates exclusively in Spain with OncoDNA and other leading institutions in cancer genetics, such as Baylor Miraca Genetics Laboratory (Baylor College of Medicine), N-of-One, Guardant Health, etc, to offer the most advanced studies, the best possible quality, and guarantee scientific rigour.


Connected Health Services (CHS) is a company which specialises in the development of technological solutions for the management of patients with chronic illnesses. CHS was created in 2013 as a spin-off from Technological Solutions for Health and Well-being (TSB) and in May 2015 it was taken over by Air Liquide Healthcare with which the group made its first step towards the world of e-Health.
Through innovative e-Health solutions, CHS enables the continued, integrated and personalised provision of services to improve quality of life for chronic patients, whilst maintaining the efficiency and sustainability of the current health systems in place.

IFEDES (Business Development)logo-ifedes

In today’s world, it is essential to count on an objective, qualified, external vision which promotes innovation of the business model. To this end, Ifedes offers more than 20 years experience in the development of attitudes and strategic thought across organisations, with the commitment of obtaining results in the short, medium, and long term. Ifedes offers market solutions (strategy, market, sales, internationalisation and communication) and administration (management, finance, optimisation, human resources and training).
The relation between Ifedes and ITACA-SABIEN looks to offer all types of innovation solutions within the business sphere. To make this possible, they have joined forces and use all tools at their disposal in order to:

  • Foster participation in projects and research and development programs, be they bilateral or multilateral.
  • Cooperate in training programs for researchers and technicians.
  • Engage in joint consulting on questions related to corporate innovation.

University Hospital Dr Pesethospitalpeset

An agreement has been in place with University Hospital Dr Peset since 2002 for the application of ICT for solving problems within the hospital environment. The clearest example of technological transference, intended to covering hospital needs, is Mobile CMA, an m-health application which improves post-operatory follow-up of patients in the Outpatients Surgery Unit, through exchange of information (questionnaires and photos) between the patients and the medical personnel. Using GPRS/UMTS networks, and making use of the facilities available through new mobile terminals, the service allows for continued care from hospital to home without loss of quality and with an improvement in efficiency.

Catalan Association of Health Organisations (ACES)aces_logo

ACES (Asociación Catalana de Entidades de Salud)) is a corporate association, founded in 1977, dedicated to the defence and promotion of the rights and interests of private health centres and to the furthering of health and social services. Its mission is to participate in the procurement/accomplishment of a sustainable, available, accessible and quality health system which covers public health and social needs.

Spanish Paediatrics Association Asociación Española de Pediatría (AEP) aep

The AEP (Asociación Española de Pediatría) eAEP is an association which groups more than nine thousand professionals (paediatricians and paediatric surgeons) and whose objective is to improve patient diagnostic and therapeutic care, and to boost equity and quality in medical care. In the year 2007 a strategic alliance was established between the AEP and ITACA-TSB, formalised in a written agreement. The skills to be jointly developped include not only R&D but also projects aimed towards transference, training and establishing fluid information lines, related to the application of new technologies, for the improvement of health and well-being for children and adolescents.

Argentinian Medical Association (AMA)ama_logo

The AMA (Asociación Médica Argentina) is the most important professional medical association in Argentina where number of members, history, integrated scientific societies and scientific and educational activities are concerned. In 2007 an agreement was reached to form a strategic alliance between AMA and ITACA-TSB. This alliance aims to establish permanent links of information and collaboration thereby generating projects and joint activities.

Spanish Society for Family and Community Medicine (semFYC)semfyc_logo

The Spanish Society for Family and Community Medicine (Sociedad Española de Medicina de Familia y Comunitaria – semFYC) is a non-profit making scientific society of doctors specialising in Primary Care, whose main objective is to promote and foster optimum development of Family and Community Medicine in Spain, as well as to contribute to the development of Primary Health Care. SemFYC’S work has a strong cooperative and participative base; scientific excellence and leadership being its two main exponents.

NISA Hospitals

NISA is the most important group of private hospitals in Valencia Province, and the TSB collaborates with this group since its creation in 1998. Over the last few years, various telecare services developped by TSB (tele-obstetrics for high-risk pregnancies, tele-dermatology, etc) have been offered through NISA Hospitals. Currently, the NISA Hospital Valencia al Mar offers a tele-dermatology service for the control and continued care of patients with medium to long-term pathologies, based on the use of mobile phones, which allows us to establish a continual interactive relationship between patients and doctors during the therapeutic process.

Spanish Federation for Rare Diseasesfeder_logo

The Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases ( Federación Española de Enfermedades Raras – FEDER) is an organisation dedicated to integration of those patients with low prevalence illnesses, and it is a national leader in its field. It is made up of more than 170 associations, represents more than 900 different diseases and its main objective is to fight for the rights and interests of those affected, with the aim of increasing their hope for the future and quality of life.

Telefonica Mobiles

In September 2005 a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ was signed between ITACA and Telefónica Mobiles Spain (TME) with the aim of working jointly on a technological alliance to create, exploit and boost new products for the mobile telephone market, especially in relation to the health sector. In particular, the collaboration between TSB and the Department of Vertical Applications at TME has focused on the search for new mobile services and/or improvement of existing services, geared towards patients and professionals in the e-health area, principally for home care; SMS reminders (for medicine, appointments, etc), campaigns to promote health, post-operatory follow-up, remote monitoring, emergency management, tracking, and mobile tele-help. Within the framework of this agreement, a first product has been identified, and it is an application developped by TSB for the follow-up of dermatology patients in their homes, through the sending of photos and questionnaires via mobile phones. Currently, we are working on new R&D initiatives using latest generation mobile devices for the provision of social services.

Telefónica Foundationfundacion_telefonica

Since 2002, the Telefonica Foundation and ITACA-TSB have collaborated on the creation and maintenance of Internet spaces to improve healthcare for the education community, as well as research into the Internet phenomenon and health portals. In this way, was developped, focusing on the University community. This portal was consolidated as one of the 10 main health portals in Spanish, getting more than half a million hits. In 2007 was created, targeting the pre-University education community, framed within the Educared project. Educasalud addresses the subject of health education (EPS) in schools, offering information, educational tools and interactive spaces for parents and teachers.

Vodafone Foundationfundacion_vodafone

Collaboration with the Vodafone Foundation goes back to 2001 with joint participation in the European project CONFIDENT. The success of that collaboration gave rise to joint participation in subsequent European projects (MyHeart, Persona, HeartCycle) as well as diffusion and training activities, such as the Vodafone Seminars, at which we have been invited speakers since the first edition.

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