Most current existing IoT developments are based on “closed-loop” concepts, focusing on a specific purpose and being isolated from the rest of the world. Integration between heterogeneous elements is usually done at device or network level, and is just limited to data gathering. INTER-IoT proposes that a multi-layered approach integrating different IoT devices, networks, platforms, services and applications will allow a global continuum of data, infrastructures and services that will enable different IoT scenarios. By reusing and integrating existing and future IoT systems, a de-facto global ecosystem of interoperable IoT platforms can emerge.

INTER-IoT project is aiming at the design, implementation and experimentation of an open cross-layer framework and associated methodology to provide voluntary interoperability among heterogeneous Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. The resulting framework will allow developing effectively and efficiently smart IoT applications, atop different heterogeneous IoT platforms, spanning single and/or multiple application domains. Interoperability will be provided at different levels: device, network, middleware, services and data.

The framework will be demonstrated in domain-specific pilots including transports and logistics and m-health and wellness. In the absence of global IoT standards, the INTER-IoT results will allow any company to design and develop new IoT devices or services, leveraging on the existing ecosystem, and bring get them to market more quickly.


Will be responsible for the technical implementation of the m-health-oriented pilot. Given the experience and participation in the development of the universAAL IoT platform, the group will also integrate this platform into INTER-IoT.

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