@Health (EU-LAM community to foster international cooperation on eHealth applications and Technologies). Its objective is to create a European and South-American community of researchers, companies, medical associations and other interested bodies that work in the field of e-health in order to [...]

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The ACTIVE-HEALTH project was an accompanying measure for the analysis and study of the question of applications of information technologies, promotion of health and prevention of illnesses.

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Agora 2000

IST project for the development of interactive information systems to support and promote people’s participation in the public administration decision making processes.

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Alcoy CD

Alcoy Digital City project. TSB in charge of the design, development, implementation and maintenance of a management system for the Home-Care Unit of the Alcoy Hospital Virgen de Los Lirios. To improve the management of this unit, the development is proposed of a platform, with the name of “Lyra".

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The general objective of the AmIVITAL project is the development of a new generation of ICT technologies and tools for the modelling, design, operation and implementation of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) devices and systems to be used for providing services and personal support for independent [...]

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Apnea Móvil

The objective of this project is to develop a wireless system for registering pulse and arterial oxygen saturation. The measuring of arterial oxygen saturation has become one of the bloodless examinations with the greatest possibility of application, as well as for use in leisure and sporting [...]

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“Ambient Intelligence System of Agents for Knowledge-based and Integrated Services for Mobility Impaired users” (ASK-IT). Its objective is to create a platform based on Ambient Intelligence to provide integrated services for persons with mobility problems.

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European project which, through the use of new communications infrastructures, demonstrated that health centres could provide remote assistance services in the home at a reasonable cost.

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Campusalud objective is to inform, train and engage through quality content and interactive services, designed to introduce healthy habits, prevalent disease prevention, as well as any aspects that might be of interest in the health sector.

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CAREPATHS (An intelligent support environment to improve the quality of decision processes in health communities). The objective was to create an operational environment which allowed effective decision making while attending patients. In this process, the concept of clinical pathways was [...]

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CMA (Major Outpatient Surgery) is the application of different surgical, anaesthetic and nursing techniques that allow patients to be discharged from hospital shortly after certain operations which had previously required a hospital stay. The biggest problem in adding new processes to CMA is [...]

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The objective of this IST project was to provide the necessary personal, domestic and social services to severely handicapped persons. It also provided communication and organisational services to their carers and care organisations. ITACA-TSB assumed the task of project technical coordinator, [...]

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