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The objective of this project is to develop a wireless system for registering pulse and arterial oxygen saturation. The measuring of arterial oxygen saturation has become one of the bloodless examinations with the greatest possibility of application, as well as for use in leisure and sporting activities, thereby constituting important feedback for sports enthusiasts. Versatility and independence of the pulsiometres will allow for a rise in the range of applications for which measurement of this parametre will be useful. 

The project aims to develop a system which will allow for the use of the pulsiometre for any subject and any situation, with a high satisfaction rate for the user, without interfering in daily activities, permitting the wireless transfer of data, its process and subsequent storage or sending by mobile technology. 

The system aims to be polyvalent for:

  • Patients suspected of suffering from sleep apnea syndrome.
  • Patients who need their arterial oxygen saturation monitored.
  • Those who practice sports.
  • Doctors and clinical services for Pneumology, Internal Medicine, First Aid as well as Sleep Study Units.
  • Pediatric units and services.
  • Patients suffering from low concentration spans.

The system will allow for the realisation of a register of data for arterial oxygen saturaion and pulse, be it temporary, continual or prefixed, through the use of PDA, allowing for both the follow-up of patient evolution and diagnosis of particular illnesses, as well as the monitoring of physical and aerobic activity in those who practice sports. 

Within this project, ITACA will be responsible for scientific planning and its technical development.


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