ACTIVATE - A platform on Cloud for families to care for dependent people. The aim of ACTIVATE is to develop an ICT based system and the concept of Cloud system to help the family environment of a person in a dependent or independent but lacking in autonomy, better manage day-to-day care [...]

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BASECLINICA - The main objective of the project is to create a collaborative platform to manage clinical cases for teaching and research of healthcare professionals. The main objective of the BASECLÍNICA project is to create a 2.0 version collaborative platform for management of clinical cases, [...]

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The main aim of BREATHE is to develop a technological platform which satisfies the needs of informal carers and improves both their quality of life and the help given to those under their care.

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FASyS (Completely Secure and Healthy Factory). The main aim of the FASyS is the development of a new factory model, whose design minimalises risk to security and health and, at the same time, guarantees the wellbeing and comfort of the worker when dealing with machines, assembly or handling of goods.

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FutuRES (Technological comprehensive platform for the residence of the future). The main goal of the FutuRES project is to develop a set of tools which are technologically and conceptually innovative.The technological tools to develop by this project try to contribute to promote the Information [...]

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Description HeartCycle is a European integrated project (IP), part of the sphere of ‘Personalised Health Systems’ of the 7th Marco Program for research, of the European Commission. The HeartCycle consortium is coordinated by Philips (a leader in electronic care systems) and includes [...]

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HEARTWAYS is a European Project that has the objective to develop an advanced modular solution for supporting cardiac patients in rehabilitation outside a medicalized centre with the aid of wearable sensors and intelligent algorithms that personalize the management and the follow-up for [...]

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The aim of the M-inclusion project is to strengthen the use and growth of affordable, innovative mobile solutions, geared towards promoting social integration for those at risk of exclusion.

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The SPHERAbq (Information System for Efficient Management of the Surgical Wing in Hospital) aims to develop an Information System for efficient management of the surgical hospital facility with which you want to provide the health sector a powerful tool for efficient management of the surgical [...]

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The ‘Permanent Observatory for ICT in Health’ (ObservaTICS) is borne of the necessity to rely on tools which enable us to be continually aware of new developments in a terrain characterised by rapid evolution, volatility and obsolescence. Have tools that help us analyze, continuously, of the [...]

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ReAAL (make it ReAAL) is a European CIP project within the VII Marco Programme. The project is formed by a consortium of 19 partners, Fraunhofer IGD in Germany being the project coordinator; the project is planned to have a duration of 36 months.

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The project provides an invaluable tool to healthcare professionals recommending health information, as well as to patients, family members and the user in general, for whom Salupedia is a trustworthy and useful place for finding quality information on the net. The user has access to [...]

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