The M-Inclusion project is a Support Action cofinanced by the European Commission as part of their Cooperation Program for ICT, with the objective of creating a collaborative framework between EU and Latin American mobile solution developpers and any other entities working towards social integration.

The aim is to strengthen the use and growth of affordable, innovative mobile solutions, geared towards promoting social integration for those at risk of exclusion.

M-Inclusion focuses on the following 4 potential user groups:

  • Disabled people
  • Those suffering from chronic illness
  • People with low income
  • Those living in isolated areas

The project aims are:

To develop an exhaustive inventory designed to identify, on the one hand, the needs of the target user groups and any organisations dealing with these groups, and on the other hand, to determine existing mobile solutions and requirements for social inclusion in the EU and Latin America.

  • To establish work groups that will identify the principal needs of the user groups targetted, and will analyse technological solutions and trends related to mobile technology, thereby defining a Roadmap for M-Inclusion.
  • To support the identification and promotion of new ideas for future R&D projects.
  • To publicise the M-Inclusion project and its results through various means of distribution.
  • To generate market opportunities in the mobile technology sector.
  • Also, through distribution of information, M-Inclusion will contribute to the debate on the digital breach, sharing recommendations and conclusions with representatives of the IT Industry and those public bodies carrying the responsibilty for the development of the digital agenda on a regional and national level.

The project started on the 1st of November 2011 and is due to take another 2 years.

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