BASECLINICA – A collaborative platform for management of clinical cases for teaching and research of healthcare professionals.

The main objective of the BASECLÍNICA project is to create a 2.0 version collaborative platform for management of clinical cases, for teaching and research of healthcare professionals, with the following characteristics:

  • A powerful search engine which recovers the necessary information, based on semantic tools, tagging and classification of clinical cases.
  • Proactive, in that the system is capable of suggesting other elements of information that could be of interest to a particular user, depending on the profile of that user or the characteristics of searches made by a similar profile.
  • Accessible through all technology (from PCs, smartphones and tablets such as the iPad).
  • Collaborative, in that it allows for direct incorporation of clinical cases by inputting information through preestablished forms.
  • Community: It allows for interaction between registered professionals in order to establish an area of public exchange (enabling input of any additional data or revisions to information included, drawing on experience of the professional, and debates and comments of the professionals connected). It will allow for generation of interest groups.
  • Online access on demand (Identification).
  • Flexible and interoperable: the possibility to integrate content into other training platforms for their use in training sessions (for residents and specialists). In the same way, the system will link to content on other websites, or even act as a repository for this unpublished content.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Training content adaptable to the needs of the final user or the secondary provider: Personalised connection to the intranet of the medical centres thereby enabling specific access to clinical cases according to centre and speciality.

TSB is responsible for the development of the collaborative platform which will allow for the sharing of clinical cases among professionals.
Consortium: TSB SA, Webmetrics SL, UPV (sub-contract)

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Project co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011. Strategic Action for Telecommunications and Information Society. 2011. Avanza Digital Content. TSI-090100-2011-195.

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