Enjoy-IT! is a national project, cofinanced in the convocatoria of 2009 of the R+D Avanza Plan of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce within the thematic priority of Internet Technologies of the Future. With an approximate budget of 800,000 euros, the partners involved are multidisciplinary, in order to better develop an R+D project combining the most advanced technology with the needs of the users. The project is coordinated by TSB S.A. and the participants are Escola Estiu (Summer School) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, ITACA-TSB, the Paediatric Unit of Dr Peset Hospital in Valencia through is Research Foundation, and the design company Invitro Design.

The Enjoy-IT! project aims to design, development and validate a leisure platform and advanced content, that will constitute a practical realisation of the new products and services that will form part of the ‘Internet of the Future’. The funcionalities used make up only one possible application to the various technologies present in the leisure platform, to support children, sociocultural and events organisers, and organisations and entities specialising in leisure and cultural activities. This platform will allow new aspects to traditional sociocultural activities to be introduced:

  • To familiarise children with the use of ICT, preparing them for a possible future dominated by this type of technology.
  • To provide new leisure possibilities within the sphere of event organisation, without leaving aside the traditional values of cooperation, trust, creativity, imagination, and the development of physical, motor and intellectual skills.
  • Integration of groups of children with special needs (both physical and psychological) who can fully integrate with groups of children without disability through using these ICT. The wide range of possibilities offered by such integration will enrich and encourage the social advancement of these children.

ITACA is responsible for coordinating the design of the system, and capturing and adequately understanding the needs of the users; communicating these needs to the technicians in order that they be reflected in the platform. The organisation is also responsible for the creation of the data structure, and for the intelligent algorhythms for the contextualisation of the information, the orchestration of the services and sensors, and the creation of advanced multimedia tools. Finally, ITACA will play a significant role in the technical validation and functionality of the system.


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Tourism, Energy and Industry Ministry. National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011. Telecommunications and Information Society Strategic Action. Year 2009. Subprogram 'Avanza I+D' TSI-020110-2009-453

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