Patient-centred pathways of early palliative care, supportive ecosystems and appraisal standard

InAdvance proposes a novel model of palliative care based on early integration and personalized pathways addressed specifically to elderly people with complex chronic conditions. Thus, the overall aim of InAdvance is to improve the benefit of early palliative care (PC) interventions centred-on and oriented-by the patients.

We aspire to improve the early identification of chronic patients in need of PC in order to design personalized healthcare pathways based on patients’ and families’ needs.

The overall aim of the project INADVANCE is to improve the benefit of the PC interventions for patients, families and informal caregivers, and front-line practitioners through the design of effective, replicable and cost-effective early PC interventions centred-on and oriented-by the patients. The expected outcomes are:

a) Patients: improved or maintained QoL, alleviated symptoms (such as physical symptoms), addressed multi-faceted and complex needs (psychological, emotional and spiritual needs), decreased use of healthcare resources, increased social support, etc.

b) Families or caregivers: improved or maintained QoL, increased social support, increased of caring and coping skills, decreased caregiving burden, etc.

c) Front-line practitioners: decreased burnout, improved skills and competences, etc

In order to achieve this aim, the project will address the following 5 specific objectives over a 48-month life-cycle:

Objective 1. Early identification of complex chronic patients in need of PC.
Objective 2. To personalize PC pathways based on different profiles of complexity according to patient’s needs and desires.
Objective 3. To provide an assessment framework for the PC interventions.
Objective 4. To engage multi-level actors as well as relevant stakeholders in the activation, implementation and strengthening of PC pathways.
Objective 5. Transference and Scaling-up.

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