The ‘Nutri-Trainer’ project has been financed by the Health Technology Professorship of INDRA, of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The professorship financed the project for 8 months in the form of a grant. Currently, the Nutri-Trainer platform continues to be developped and improved on by ITACA. 

The aim of this project is the creation of an application that will improve the learning of specific aspects related to health and nutrition, in a simple and practical way through motivation, based on the example of solutions such as ‘Brain Trainer’ or ‘Wii Fit’. These commercial products have achieved success on 2 fronts: on the one hand that part of the population lacking technological and computer know-how has started to use ICT platforms that they had never used before (such as video consoles), or use current platforms to develop activities not realised before (through mobiles, for example), and, on the other hand, health concepts and activities have been promoted through interactive games. 

The target public for Nutri-Trainer covers everyone aged 8 and over, as the educational character and design makes the platform user-friendly, attractive and available for all the family. One characteristic of Nutri-Trainer that stands out is the database – one of the most important parts of the project – in which, using modular design, the medical content is stored. 

The project would be redundant if it were not supported by nutritional experts, to this end ITACA has collaborated with the Department of Food Technology (DTA) of the Polytechnic City of Innovation , said department being responsible for comparing clinical evidence and the content on nutrition which give coherence and sense to the platform. 

ITACA has contributed the necessary material and educational resources for the development of the platform. Within these parametres, a functional prototype has been achieved and shown in various events such as the first ‘Health and Wellbeing Fair’ celebrated in Valencia in November 2009. The prototype was well received by visitors, who were able to test the project. Currently, ITACA-TSB continues to develop this project, with the aim of achieving a finished prototype, tested by a high number of users both qualitatively and quantitatively.

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