OASIS is a Large Scale Integrated Project with the aim to develop an open and innovative reference architecture, based upon ontologies and semantic services, that will allow plug and play and cost-effective interconnection of existing and newly developed services in all domains required for the independent and autonomous living of older people and their Quality of Life enhancement. 

The OASIS system is composed by:

  • The OASIS Open Reference Architecture (?OASIS Platform?) including the COF (Common Ontological Framework) and its support tools
  • The AmI Framework, a multi-Agents platform
  • The Interaction Platform.

The OASIS system is aimed to achieve:

  • interoperability between different web services from the same or different application domains
  • sharing of contextual information between different objects and services
  • seamless connectivity between hardware, from hardware to service and from service to service.

The OASIS services

Through this new architecture over 12 different types of services are connected with the OASIS Platform for the benefit of older people; they cover user needs and wants in terms of Independent Living Applications, Socialization, Autonomous Mobility, Smart Workplaces. Target user groups are older people who experience mild cognitive and physical impairments due to ageing. These people are at risk of exclusion due to the slight cognitive and physical deteriorations that they are experiencing, as well as the complexity and lack of utility, accessibility and usability of ICT. OASIS aims to support their physical and psychological independence, stimulate their social engagement and foster their emotional well being.

Independent Living and Socialization

OASIS aims at empowering the conditions that make a person to continue being independent. It will do it by means of various services: Nutritional Advisory, Activity Coach, Brain and Skills Trainer, Social Community Platform, Health Monitoring and Coach, Environmental Control.

Autonomous Mobility, Smart Workplaces

OASIS offers the elderly a plethora of means so that they can travel independently, whether they use public transport means, their own car or travel on foot (elderly-friendly transport information services, elderly-friendly route guidance, personal mobility services). Through the OASIS Smart Workplaces applications, elderly users are given the opportunity to perform a large part of their work at home, or on the move, through the offered e-working services. Furthermore, the platform will also support the teaming up (virtually) of an elderly employee with a younger one, offering the means for cross fertilization between different age groups who have different but complementary areas of expertise.

The OASIS Consortium

ITACA-TSB is heavily involved in this Project, managing the Independent Living applications development The OASIS Consortium is composed of 33 Partners from 11 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom). Large Industries (9), SMEs (6), Universities (6), Research Centers (7), Non-Profit-Organizations (3), Public Organization (1) and Healthcare Center (1) are all represented.

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