The objectives of the ONCNOSIS project are to obtain biomarkers with diagnostic potential for four oncological illnesses: lung cancer, colorectal cancer, melanoma and ovarian cancer.

The project also includes the use of these biomarkers to develop diagnostic and treatment tools for these grave illnesses, including early detection of cancer, prognosis and evolution of the disease, and molecular assistance in decision making with regard to treatments.

ONCNOSIS considers ideal monitoring should include the following characteristics: sensitivity, specificity, non-invasiveness, and almost continuous data collection.

During the project an implantable biosensor will be developed (ONCNOSENSE) for en vivo monitoring for the detection of cancer biomarkers.

For this work, groups of molecular biologists are available to carry out tests compatible with en vivo detection, and nanobiotechnological groups to develop the biosensor with built-in detection systems.

The TSB group, in collaboration with the Siemens Company, is working on a system of continuous monitorised data recording and its transmission to a medical centre for interpretation.


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