‘Prevention of Diseases’ (PREVE) is an Integrated Project of the 7th Marco Program of Research and Development of the European Commission, included in the Strategic Objective ‘Personal Health Systems’ of the Thematic Priority ICT. The coordinator of the project is VTT (Finnish Technical Research Centre), and has a budget of 842,253 euros, of which 597,269 euros are financed by the European Commission. The project is due to last 12 months, and began in December 2009. 

The project is developped through a consortium, formed by a total of 4 partners: Valtion Teknillen Tutkimunkeskus (VTT, Finnish Technical Research Centre), Aarhus University in Denmark, the Polytechnic University of Valencia (TSB group of the ITACA Institute) and Fondazione Centro San Raffaele del Monte Tabor (a non-profit making organisation run by one of the most important Italian hospitals (San Raffaele in Milan) and other Milanese organisations). 

The main aim of the PREVE project is to identify and analyse the way of research into Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), in the sphere of illness prevention and health preservation. This project is directed to all citizens, with the idea that each individual becomes a productive part of their personal healthcare. The individual therefore assumes responsibility for his own health, backed by personalised use of the relevant ICT, based on PHS (Personalised Heatlh Systems). 

ITACA-TSB is involved in all stages of the development of the project: design of illness prevention strategies, design of the profile of the individual, definition of motivational aspects, development of ICT and PHS applications, and creation of business and validation models. 

ITACA-TSB will lead the phase ‘domain analysis’. Leadership of this phase will include the coordination of the various members of the project, planning, tracking and reporting on the work carried out. For this, the group must ensure regular communication between members of the team, organising meetings and conference calls, as well as maintaining continual contact via email for continuous revision of progress and technical aspects of the project. 

ITACA-TSB contributes its wide experience in the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the fields of human health, quality of life and social services.

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