The REMOTE project, “Remote Health and Social Care for Independent Living of Isolated Elderly with Chronic Conditions”, is one of the 23 projects approved by the first convocatoria of the AAL Joint Programme (AAL-2008-1) and counts on a budget of 4,082,571.72 euros, of which 2,889,592.94 are financed by the governments of the participating countries, and the European Commission. The consortium is made up of 15 partners and lead by SIEMENS. The project, which began in April 2009, is due to take 36 months. 

The REMOTE project centres on defining and establishing a multidisciplinary and integrated focus, for research within the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), taking into account the real needs of the elderly, especially those citizens at risk of social and geographical isolation, combined with the presence of chronic illness (hypertension, arthritis, Alzheimer and Parkinson) and those whose lifestyle makes them part of the at-risk group (the overweight, smokers, alcoholics, patients with poor diet, stress or lack of exercise).

REMOTE is principally directed to those elderly persons displaying signs of chronic conditions, especially if they live in rural or isolated surroundings. The second group of user considered is that of the healthcare professional who would take on the responsibility of attending to those patients. 

The project, which concentrates on areas such as remote medical assistance and environmental intelligence, aims to improve the personal surroundings of the patient through audiovisual, and sensorial monitoring, the automisation of the tracking of vital signs, and the detection of risk and critical situations, such as the provision of tools which will offer an efficient support in the home. 

In order to reach these objectives, applications will be developped which will help the elderly patient to manage the risk factors, and will enable that person to assist in their own care and maintain contact with family, friends and carers. Where healthcare professionals are concerned, the applications will allow access to the medical history of the patient, the continual tracking of the clinical measures taken, and the analysis of the information available on the patient’s condition, his activity and changes in his surroundings. 

The ITACA-TSB group has been subcontracted by TSB Technologies to participate in this project, and is responsible for the technology developped related to remote medical care applications.


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