The ‘’Platform for the despliegue of remote multimedia services for physical rehabilitation therapy’’ (TER-ReMOTE) is a national project of the Avanza Plan, which belongs to the subprogram Digital Citizenship of the 2009 Congress. 

The project is being developped through a consortium, formed by 4 partners: ASPAYM National Federation, ASPAYM Madrid, ASPAYM Castilla y León, the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), and TSB Solutions, the latter employed to give assistance where necessary. 

The coordination of the project is being managed by the ASPAYM National Federation, and has a total budget of 477,553 euros, of which 382,039.40 is being financed by the Ministry of INdustry, Tourism and Commerce. The project, which began in July 2009, is expected to take 24 months.The aim of the TER_ReMOTE project is to design, implement and validate a platform for the display and testing of remote multimedia services with therapeutic applications, concentrating on the sphere of physical rehabilitation. This platform should service as support in the development of new therapies for physical rehabilitation, promoting the possibility of establising ways to reproduce the current therapeutic techniques in the patients’ homes. 

The platform could be described as a new service destined to people with bone-marrow problems, who have completed the hospital phase of their rehabilitation, but who are not completely recovered and would therefore benefit from complementary treatment over an extended period of time. The patient will be able do the rehabilitation from home, when practical, working around their working life, social and family commitments, following supervision by a therapeutic specialist, thereby disrupting as little as possible their reinsertion to normal life. 

The platform will be designed with the intention of providing continual care to the patient, as well as making therapeutic rehabiliation techniques more widely available, offering both the patient and his surrounding the access to information on his illness and subsequent therapy, improving knowledge of the same, and encouraging preventative care. 

ITACA’s role in the project is to coordinate the technical implementation of the platform, using TSB Technologies as a support for carrying out the work related to this development.


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Tourism, Energy and Industry Ministry. National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011. Telecommunications and Information Society Strategic Action. Year 2009. Subprogram “Avanza Ciudadanía Digital”. TSI-040200-2009-43.

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