UniversAAL (Open Platform and Reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living) is a European IP project framed within the 7th Marco Program for research for the European Commission. The universAAL consortium is made up of 17 partners, STIFELSEN SINTEF of Norway acting as the coordinator, with a planned duration of 48 months.

The objective of universAAL (Open Platform and Reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living) is to conceive, design and develop new and innovative AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) services. The potential benefits of AAL solutions are already quite clear, and social trends indicate that they interest a large number of people. UniversAAL will facilitate the acquisition of innovative AAL solution and will fostering of their development. This will benefit the end users (the elderly, those with disabilities, and their families), giving them new, affordable services that are simple to set up, personalise and implement. UniversAAL will also benefit service providers, making the creation of new AAL services easier and more economical, and facilitating the adaptation of already existing services, through use of a compositional focus based on existing components and services and on external systems.

UniversAAL will be home to a deposit providing AAL ‘plug and play’ applications and services which will support multiple execution platforms.

The goal of the universAAL project is to produce an open platform that provides a standardised solution, thereby making the development of AAL solutions tecnically feasible and economically viable.

The ITACA Institute and the TSB group (Technologies for Health and Well-being) are the technological coordinators of the project, and their principle function is to coordinate the composition of the reference architecture.

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