TRIADE2.0 MNAM Platform

What is the MNAM Platform? What it is used for?


The rapid development and democratization of technologies has enabled the implementation of learning programs with a strong influence of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). The educational tool developed in TRIADE 2.0 project is backed up by an online platform which enables an interactive navigation through the factors, units and exercises. The aim of this unit is to introduce and teach support workers/educators on how to effectively use the My New Ageing Me (MNAM) platform.


The MNAM interactive platform has been designed as a tool to help educators to improve the social inclusion and/or Quality of Life of ageing adults with intellectual disabilities (AAWID). The MNAM Platform provides 50 learning exercises, in different formats, which are the core of the learning process. The 50 exercises are grouped within 15 didactic units, and didactic units are clustered around 3 factors.

From a pedagogical point of view, each exercise comes with its instructions and learning outcomes (knowledge and skills). In addition, there is a introductory unit to provide a theoretical framework to each of the proposed exercises. These theoretical foundations have been developed, as much as possible, using the theoretical contents of the units 1, 2 and 3 of the workbook developed in TRIADE2.0 project


These three pedagogical elements -theoretical framework, instructions and learning outcomes- are aimed to give educators general orientations of how an exercise might be carried out. But it should be highlighted that the platform has been designed to give freedom to educators and professionals to use -or adapt- each exercise and platform theoretical content to the specific support needs and contexts of AAWID.


The platform is currently under construction and this fall will start the integration of the exercises, the units and the factors. Please keep posted for further updates!

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